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Insider's Secrets for How to Write a Cookbook

Cookbooks are BIG Business!

Have you ever thought of writing a cookbook?  Maybe you're thinking about it now for the first time. Either way, if the thought of writing a cookbook has ever entered your mind, you really need to read every word on this page because There's Money in Cookbooks.

Did you know that cookbooks are one of the top two best-selling genres of all books, second only to mystery novels? That's right – more cookbooks are sold than any other type of book with the exception of mysteries! Incredibly, cookbooks out-sell romance novels, biographies, self help books, heath and nutrition name it.

Cookbook sales make up a very substantial portion of all book sales in the publishing industry.

The market for cookbooks is endless and insatiable. Cookbook buyers typically don't buy just one cookbook. They often don't stop after several. Cookbook buyers frequently have huge collections of cookbooks. And they're always interested in more.

Consumers purchase a whopping 60 million cookbooks each year. And that's just the figure for North America. The numbers of cookbooks sold in any given year are equally staggering in the UK, Europe and many other parts of the globe as well. Foreign rights sales of your cookbook can add up to even more additional income when you become a cookbook author. Cookbooks are a huge, thriving, lucrative industry.

It's a well-known fact in the publishing industry: Cookbooks sell.

Think about it. People give cookbooks as gifts. They read them for pleasure. They collect them. They proudly display them on their bookshelves, in their kitchens and on their coffee tables. And of course, they use them for their very practical purpose - to cook from!

Everyone eats. And almost everyone will at some point cook or bake and use a cookbook to try and do it better.

Stop to consider what all this really means for a moment and you'll start to realize the opportunity and potential here.  Play this right and writing a cookbook could turn into a very successful and profitable venture for you. In fact, your cookbook can ultimately lead to an entire enterprise around which a very lucrative business can be built. Cookbook authors get lucrative product endorsement deals and licensing arrangements, opportunties to host their own cooking shows or to write syndicated columns, and more.

Think of Martha Stewart. Did you know that her multi-million dollar empire all began with one cookbook when she was an unknown housewife? Yes, it was a cookbook that started it all for her.

Cookbooks are - and always have been - proven best-sellers. Each and every year cookbooks are included high up on the nation's best-seller list. The market for cookbooks is huge - and it just continues to grow. There's an enormous level of demand for cookbooks.

That means terrific opportunity and profit potential for anyone thinking of writing a cookbook.

A published cookbook can be a terrific way to earn income and prestige, not to mention the admiration of others.

Can you just imagine the impressed looks you will get when you tell people that you are a published author. Friends, family, even complete strangers will be envious. But moreover, writing a cookbook is a rewarding experience which will give you an incredible sense of  personal satisfaction, pride and fulfillment. And it can be profitable.

Writing a cookbook is a fun and very do-able way to earn some extra income for your family, or you can even launch an entire business if you decide to write more than one.

Writing a cookbook is also a terrific way to promote an exisiting business, restaurant, or to fundraise for charity, school or organization. 

Is There a Cookbook In You? 
You Can Do This!

Whatever your motivation for writing a cookbook, the bottom line is writing a cookbook can make you money.

But writing a cookbook is more than just a way of generating some income now. That same cookbook has the potential to turn into a long-term profit producer. Cookbooks often continue to sell for many, many years after they were first published. A single cookbook can continue to provide long-term profits even years after you've written it.

So the cookbook you write now could very well still be making money for you five, ten, fifteen or more years from now. That's referred to as "passive income" because after your initial investment of time and effort, you can sit back and spend your time doing other things while the money still continues to roll in.

Why is that?  Because cookbooks have staying power. Good recipes don't become "dated", so a good recipe book can continue to make you money long into the future. With each new generation, the consumer market for cookbooks grows and changes as new cookbook buyers enter the market. The buying audience for cookbooks is continually renewing. There are always new people coming along who have never seen or heard of your cookbook before and are ready to buy it, even if its already been in print for years. Cookbooks are, and always have been popular, profitable, and permanent.

Almost everyone who loves to cook has felt at one time or another that they might have a cookbook of their own within them. Food is something to be enjoyed with others, and when you have a collection of awesome recipes that you really love, the natural inclination is to want to share those treasures with others so that they can enjoy them as well.

But while a lot of people dream of writing their own cookbook, for most it never goes beyond that - a dream.

Why? Because they really have no clue how. And so they may try, but don't get far. Or they may never even try, because they lack the motivation and confidence, knowing they lack the necessary knowledge and guidance.

But you now have the rare and unique opportunity to be one of the lucky few to actually live the dream of becoming a cookbook author. Because right here, right now, you can have access to the trade secrets, strategies and techniques known only by industry insiders for creating a cookbook with best-seller potential.

Writing a cookbook is exciting and a lot of fun. It's a rewarding way to express your creativity; one that will give you an incredible sense of accomplishment, personal satisfaction, pride and fulfillment.

And as we've mentioned, it can be lucrative - sometimes very lucrative. But to really make your cookbook a success - in other words, to create a cookbook which sells well and makes you money - there's a lot you'll need to know.

There are a lot of trade secrets to understand. That is why some books become best sellers and others don't. It's also why so many aspiring cookbook writers never get their books off the ground.

CookBook Secrets is going to take you by the hand and walk you through everything you need to know to write a cookbook that has best-seller potential, step by step, in an easy to follow format. This one-of-a-kind guide will help make getting a profitable and successful cookbook into the hands of happy buyers very do-able for you.

One of the things many wanna-be cookbook writers never stop to consider is that it's not enough to think like a writer as you embark on your cookbook project, and its not enough to think like a cook.

To be sure that your cookbook has what it takes to be successful and profitable, you need to understand what makes a cookbook sell. And it's not just one thing. It's an entire system of things. Things typically only known by publishing industry insiders. This multi-faceted formula for what makes a cookbook sell is precisely what you will discover in CookBook Secrets. And it's all laid out for you in a simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step format that anyone can follow. To make sure your cookbook will sell and provide a stream of profit for you when you launch your book, you need to know these trade secrets of cookbook writing now - before you ever put your fingers to the keyboard.

CookBook Secrets will systematically take you through every step of the process in putting together a winning cookbook concept, so you cover all your bases and set up your cookbook for success right now. We're revealing the carefully guarded and little-known trade secrets known only to the best of the best-selling cookbook authors, and to insider's within the publishing industry. Cookbook Secrets clearly lays out what is essentially the publishing industry's "secret formula" for writing a cookbook that has "Bestseller!" written all over it.

With So Many Cookbooks on the Market,
Is There Really Room for More?

With so many cookbooks on the market, some people ask, is there really a need for yet another one?  

The cookbook buying public is huge. Do you really think there would already be so many cookbooks out there if there wasn't an eager market for them? Do you think publishers - the big players who really know what they're doing - would release as many cookbook titles as they do every year if there wasn't a constant demand for more?

New cookbooks are being released all the time, and new cookbook authors appear every day.

Why shouldn't the next one be YOU

Imagine the rush you'll feel when your published cookbook leads to opportunities to appear on TV, radio, or to be interviewed in newspapers and magazines. Once you become a cookbook author, you may also become somewhat of a "mini-celebrity". Picture yourself doing book tours and book signings. There is often the opportunity for endorsement deals, where companies will pay you to endorse their food products, cookware, appliances or kitchen gadgets. Some cookbook authors receive offers to host their own cooking shows. Or to write syndicated newspaper columns that appear in papers across the country.

All of this can amount to significant additional income. The perks can go on and on. All stemming from the fact that you have authored a cookbook.

Are you ready to take your dream of being a published cookbook author into a full fledged and very profitable business? Do you dream of following in the footsteps of Martha Stewart, Nigella Lawson, Paula Dean or Rachel Ray (all of whom for which success began by authoring a cookbook!). Then ORDER NOW.

Secrets Revealed by Publishing Industry Insider!

Writing a cookbook that has best seller potential will be entirely do-able for you when you gain access to the secrets, strategies, approaches, concepts and techniques revealed in CookBook Secrets.  You get Complete Step By Step Guidance to Make Your CookBook a Success.

The market for cookbooks is insatiable. People don't want to eat the same thing all the time, so they're always interested in new recipes. We all get tired of preparing the same food. There are many people who could literally be described as cookbook “addicts” or “recipe addicts”. They have huge collections of cookbooks. Perhaps you know people like this; maybe you are even one of them yourself! No matter how many cookbooks these people already have, they keep buying more because each cookbook offers a whole new set of recipes.

Today, cookbook authors have a variety options for getting their books published. You can do so by landing a book deal with a well known publisher. But now you can also publish your cookbook for yourself through self-publishing, a concept which has revolutionized the publishing industry.

Today even famous, well established authors are turning to self publishing instead of working with the so-called "traditional" publishers. Self publishing gives authors more editorial freedom and creative control over their books. It allows you make more money on your books. You get to decide for yourself where your books will be sold; when, where, or if to do a book tour; etc. Many a self-published cookbook has become an impressive best seller, with hundreds of thousands of copies sold per title. Cookbook Secrets reveals the publishing industry's insider secrets for exactly how to write a cookbook that has best seller potential.

It's actually much easier for an "ordinary" person to break into becoming successful cookbook author,  as compared to successfully becoming an author in other book genres.

There are several reasons. As we've said, the demand for cookbooks is really huge and the interest in cookbooks is extremely strong. But even better, you don't need previous writing credentials, nor do you need to be a well known chef for people to take interest in your book. As long as your recipes sound appealing or interesting, and you've put together your book following the insider's secrets mapped out for you in this guide, your book can attract buyers. 

In addition, a potential buyer doesn't need to read a long chapter or excerpt from the book in order to decide if they'd like the book unlike with a novel or some other types of non-fiction. By simply scanning the list of recipes contained in the cookbook people know whether the book appeals to them.

So if you've been holding yourself back from embarking on that cookbook project because you think, “With so many cookbooks on the market, nobody will want to buy mine”, you need to think again!

When you know the insider's secrets to writing a cookbook with best seller potential - all of which are revealed in Cookbook Secrets in easy to follow steps - getting your cookbook written, released and selling is well within your reach. Simply follow the step-by-step guidance revelaed in Cookbook Secrets and you'll soon be earning money from your book and enjoying the many rewards of being a published cookbook author.

And that's exactly what you will learn in Cookbook Secrets. We show you everything there is to know to become the author of a successful cookbook. It's all laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step guide written in an enjoyable, yet extremely informative style.

It's all explained. We'll take you through the full process, revealing everything you need to do to get that book written using proven techniques that have made many a cookbook a successful bestseller. Writing a successful cookbook suddenly becomes easy and straightforward with the secrets and little-known techniques revealed in Cookbook Profits.

This indepth and easy-to-follow guide unveils all the mystery so you know exactly what you need to do, and precisely how you need to do it. It's all laid out for you so all you need to do is read through the guide and then start following the steps. We make it so straightforward that writing a profitable cookbook suddenly becomes very “do-able” - you can get started immediately.

Order now and you'll have the entire guide in your hands in just minutes. Just follow the guide and you'll quickly be underway.

Earning profits as a successful cookbook author doesn't have to just be a dream - its entirely realistic and attainable when you know how to do it using the straightforward steps and guidance in the Cookbook Secrets system.

Just imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment you will feel when you've written your cookbook and are making money on each and every book that sells. Envision seeing your book, with your name on the cover, at the big book sellers like and, and on store shelves. Can you picture the reaction friends, family, acqauintances, and the people you meet will have when you tell them you are a published cookbook author? It's a prestigous credential, and an accomplishment that makes quite an impression.

Did you know that Martha Stewart's rise to fame and fortune all got started with the publication of one cookbook. Yes, a cookbook. That's how it all began. Today she's a household name. She's created an multi-million dollar empire and has become an entire industry. She's an inspiring example of how writing cookbooks can go well beyond simply being an author, and how it can turn into an entire thriving enterprise.

Of course, Martha's level of success and notoriety is extraordinary, and certainly not everyone who writes a cookbook goes on to become the type of industry and empire she has morphed into. But once you are a published cookbook author, its not at all uncommon for other exciting opportunities to come your way. Appearances on Radio and TV programs. Maybe a cooking program of your own on local television. There's the potential to get your own syndicated recipe column. All because you have your cookbook as a credential.

Some cookbook authors use their book as a 'launching pad' to do other exciting things, while others are happier just to keep to themselves, quietly writing their books, enjoying the income, but staying out of the limelight. You can play it either way - whatever suits you best.

Cookbook Secrets is a fully comprehensive guide that will enable you to take your dream of writing a cookbook and make it a reality. We show you exactly how to do it. When you purchase your copy of Cookbook Secrets and see the easy to follow steps laid out so clearly before you... and when you read each advice-packed page... you'll be motivated and inspired to get your cookbook project rolling immediately.

You'll be guided along through exactly what to do to create a cookbook that has best seller potential.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll get your book into print, with your name on the cover - and the sooner you'll be earning money from your first cookbook. Then you can start writing your next book! 

The pride, satisfaction, and income comes with being a successful cookbook author is now well within your reach. Each day you delay is another day of lost cookbook sales, and lost income potential. The soonerr you get started writing your first cookbook, the sooner you can start earning income from book sales.

Don't cost yourself another day of lost profit. Get the guide today and get started on that profit-generating cookbook now!

Don't even think of trying to write a cookbook without this revealing insider's guide, packed with the secrets for publishing success. With Cookbook Secrets you'll:

  •  Save yourself a ton of time

  • Avoid frustration and aggravation

  • Ensure your book is worth top dollar

  • Discover must-know information about the cookbook publishing industry, and the pubishing business in general

  • By-Pass the 'School of Hard Knocks' and Learn through the experience of others

  • Discover How to Avoid being taken advantage of as a new, inexperienced, unpublished cookbook author

Dont waste a minute of your time trying to write a cookbook until you've read CookBook Profits: Your Insider's Guide to Succssfuly Writing a Cookbook, Getting It Published, and Raking in Cash.

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